We are a bilingual kindergarten that strives to combine several aspects of innovative early years education:

First and foremost, we are a forest kindergarten. This means that children get the opportunity to spend several hours each day in a natural outdoor environment. They play, explore, learn, experience their sorroundings, relax and enjoy themselves outside. All this happens in two languages: English and German. To be able to creatively process our outdoor adventures we also have indoor premises where children spend the afternoons crafting, playing and resting. And in order to offer continuity throughout the whole preschool period our kindergarten takes children from as young as 18 months old in our “Sparrows” group which gently introduces toddlers to hours of outdoor play on sites adjacent to our premises.

I am a child of the sky and the earth
I am a child of the sun, moon and stars
I am a child of light and love
I become, I become, I become what I am